What’s at Stake?

Competition between metro areas to attract and retain a talented workforce and new jobs will only increase in the years to come. Moreover, the anticipated future growth will place unprecedented stress on the ability to provide infrastructure and services and maintain a high quality of life for our families.

By coming together in this regional planning effort, we widen our perspective to see how everyone involved — governments, businesses and individuals are part of a larger, interconnected system, where over time, small actions lead to great impacts.

The Heartland Vision protects and enhances the places we call home, supports the people who live here, and preserves the resources that makes it unique.

Heartland 2050 does not make rules, laws or even set policy. It guides community leaders, giving them a roadmap to our collective future while identifying long-term strategies to take advantage of public investments, promote economic growth and help everyone prosper well into the 21st century.

Study Region

Eight County Study Region