Vision Scenario

The Vision Scenario is an illustration of our region’s future where we have taken steps to reach the Heartland Vision Goals. It was created using the best ideas from public and stakeholder input.

The map depicts how various key elements — such as future growth, reinvestment in existing cities, towns, neighborhoods and main streets, and a revitalized and vibrant urban core — will function.

The Vision Scenario strikes a balance, locating mixed use development in the urban core as well as in smaller cities and towns across the region. It incorporates unique strategies for rural areas, suburban areas, towns center nodes and the urban core.

This map is a conceptual document, with no force of law or regulatory function. Instead, it provides ideas, direction and focus for crafting land use and transportation policies and choosing strategic public investments that support the vision goals. It is the starting point for a region-wide discussion about the projects, investments and implementation steps that will allow us to achieve the Heartland Vision.

Vision Scenario MapVision-Scenario-Legend