What Are The Vision Goals?

Using the core values and guiding principles as a framework, the Heartland Vision focuses on six goals to improve our quality of life and create a long-term regional vision in harmony with our people, places and resources.


1. Together, our region will strengthen its robust economy to encourage business expansion, job training and growth, and become a national magnet for a young and highly skilled workforce.

2. Together, our region will have the highest quality education system that educates the work force of the future.

3. Together, our region will be noted for its healthy living, safe neighborhoods, and exceptional healthcare providers.


4. Together, our regional will be known for welcoming, connected and lively communities that offer residents a range of housing choices and locations.

5. Together, our region’s investments will develop efficient infrastructure that supports economic development, provides more transportation choices, and reduces energy consumption.


6. Together, our region values, protects and utilizes our natural features and systems to provide access to green space and resilience from natural disasters.