How Will It Be Implemented?

Implementation of the Heartland Vision will take the coordination and commitment of local, county, regional and state leaders, as well as nonprofit and business representatives.

While large-scale shifts cannot be achieved through the action of any one town, city or county, the collective impact of all of the region’s entities working together will create desired change.

The Heartland Vision will be implemented voluntarily by governmental and business leaders and will take place at the rural, urban, and suburban level.

The Heartland Regional Compact was developed to signal support for the Heartland Vision and the pledge of organizations such as local governments, agencies, businesses and non-profits to continue working together to address the key issues facing our region. Signees agree to:

• Continue to work together to achieve the Vision

• Coordinate and cooperate with other jurisdictions

• Assign staff and elected officials to committees

• Participate in Implementation Committees

• Participate in Semi-Annual H2050 Implementation Summit


The First Year of Implementation

Activities in the first year of implementation will involve creating and organizing the committees, identifying and prioritizing actions and supporting efforts already working to implement the vision.

1. Establish an executive committee to oversee the preparation and execution of a work plan for the first year of implementation.

2. Convene six implementation committees (working groups) to address each of the Heartland Vision goals.

3. Establish an equity and engagement committee to ensure that under-represented populations are included in the implementation of the vision goals.

4. Establish a monitoring system to track the region’s progress in implementing goals and strategies.

5. Roll out near-term action plan — Heartland 2050 Action Plan — to highlight strategic, near-term implementation steps that can be undertaken quickly to move the Vision forward.

6. Celebrate progress and major milestones to share the progress made each year toward achieving the Heartland Vision.