What is Heartland Connections?.

Heartland Connections identifies a vision for transit and active transportation in the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area. It is one component of the broader regional vision, Heartland 2050. A technical study, Heartland Connections includes travel market analysis, transit service planning and a financial analysis, along with input from stakeholders, elected officials and other community leaders.

Heartland Connections identified several long-term transit scenarios that support the broader vision scenarios for regional growth being developed as part of Heartland 2050.

The study:
1. Recommends near-term improvements to the existing Metro transit system
2. Prioritizes corridors based on their potential to support improved transit service
3. Identifies capital and operating costs for various transit service scenarios
4. Outlines funding strategies needed to implement each scenario
5. Provides input to Heartland 2050 by defining the transit elements of one or more regional growth scenarios

To do this effectively, the team reviewed and analyzed:
1. The transit systems in similar communities
2. The land use in the region and how that relates to the need for transit
3. The current Metro transit system
4. The market for transit, now and in the future, in the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area
5. Costs and funding options, as well as how best to organize and manage the transit system

Heartland Connections also builds on existing plans and information, including the Central Omaha Transit Alternatives Analysis, the City of Omaha Transportation Master Plan, and MAPA’s Multi Modal Corridors.