Transit Vision Scenarios.

The Heartland Connections-Regional Transit Vision (RTV) was a yearlong study intended to help the region identify a future vision of public transit in the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area. The RTV feasibility study process has identified transit investment scenarios and options through a collaborative, technical process. Conducted as part of the Heartland 2050 planning process, as documented in the Regional Transit Vision Study Final Report and Executive Summary, the RTV:

• Recommends short-term cost-neutral improvements to the existing Metro transit system;
• Prioritizes corridors for future service enhancements based on their potential to support improved transit;
• Develops various transit service scenarios to improve mobility in priority corridors and establish service parameters for other areas;
• Identifies capital and operating costs for each transit service scenario;
• Outlines funding strategies needed to implement each transit scenario; and
• Provides input to Heartland 2050 by defining the transit elements of one or more regional growth scenarios.

Many of these corridors were considered for multiple project types, including Arterial Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Busway BRT, Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Streetcar.

Download the Vision Scenarios Spread