Meeting Materials.


Join us for two Open Houses to discuss recommendations for cycling and pedestrian infrastructure throughout the MAPA region. Two meetings will be held at two locations in the MAPA region during the month of May:

MAPA Lobby Conference Room, 2222 Cuming Street, Omaha – Friday,  May 15th from 3:00 to 5:00 PM

Council Bluffs Public Library, 400 Willow Ave, Council Bluffs – Monday, May 18th from 3:00 to 5:00 PM

These are the third and fourth meetings held during the planning process and MAPA staff will be available to discuss recommendations of the Draft Plan. The Meetings will be an open house format, so please feel free to arrive at any time during the meeting. A brief  presentation on the planning process, the types of analysis conducted, and its final recommendations for future bikeways will be provided as well.

Project Background
The objectives of this planning process are to:

– Identify a base network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities that provide regional connectivity
– Develop a specific plan for implementation of the bicycle and pedestrian network

The state of the MAPA region’s active transportation system is highly varied. It has an extensive and well-maintained trail system. The trail system follows the Papillion Creek watershed, which unfortunately only runs north-south through the region. However, there is a travel demand between the east and west. Few east-west dedicated bicycle connections exist and there is no east-west connectivity for the full scale of the region.

Despite these limitations, the region’s bicycle-pedestrian network is growing. Interest is growing. Community members in the region are choosing active modes of transportation for their everyday and journey-to-work mobility needs. In fact, Metro Transit, the region’s prime public transportation provider, reports record-breaking numbers of linked bike-bus trips each month. The region is now seeing an increased number of bicyclists and pedestrians on the streets at all times of the day. As these numbers continue to grow and a culture of active transportation takes hold in the region, the gaps in service are becoming more noticeable.

Download a flyer for more information about the meeting.